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45% Cotton / 34% Spun Cotton / 8% Lycra / 5% Elastic

Tips: washing recommended hand; machine wash as possible to 30 ° C or cold; dryer banned, do not iron, return them before washing, dry flat (rather than suspended).

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Advantages of SÖK products:

+ Compression = Best venous superficial muscles networks, and increased oxygenation of muscles active

Armouring + = less muscle vibration, less risk of injury, less pain after exercise

- Toxins = faster elimination of toxins created during sport, you can ride more! (Delays arrival cramps and stiffness)

+ Recovery = Better recovery during the rest phases

+ Heat = Better blood circulation so your feet stay warm even in low temperatures

+ Elimination of perspiration thanks to breathable fibers

+ Suitable for practices such as Ski, Snowboard, Mountain Bike, Motorcycle, Running, UltraTrail, Auto Racing, Team sports …

 green socks are made for those who like to ride with style. 

To obtain effective compression depending on your size, this model is recommended under 1m79 . If you measure more than 1.80m refer to our longer models. (Military Long / MX Red / Orange Mx ) .